She is the pilot of the Glass Ship. She is considered one of the best pilots, able to move the Glass Ship swiftly and effectively. She constantly teases Nowy, and has a secret crush on Cleo. At first, before she knew that Michel was actually a girl, Eimer fell for Michel. She caused the secret of Michel's gender to be revealed when she supposedly crashed into Michel's bathroom. Before, she used to live in a small village and was their leader. However, in an act to protect her village, she caused the village greater harm than good. Betrayed, she decided to take revenge on the lord who caused the mess. During this time, she had met Cleo, who quietly observed her. After she failed the attack, only barely getting past the gates, the lord's mansion lost power, sparing Eimer. Later, it is shown that because of Eimer's 'Distraction', Cleo was able to steal the power source needed for his Glass Ship, which in turn saved Eimer's life. This is when he invites Eimer to join his crew. Eimer shows a lot of enthusiasm when ever Cleo is involved, and will willingly place her life in danger to save Cleo's. Eimer is a very rough speaking person and is very tough with strangers. She is voiced by Kana Ueda in the Japanese version and by Luci Christian in the English dub.