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The figurehead of the People's Army. She is actually the sister of the real Michel Volban who has disappeared in the war with Vetti. A man resembling her brother was part of the attack force that infiltrated the glass battleship. This man was emotionless, brainwashed and was constantly attacking Michel, but she still believed he was her brother. In the end, when this man and Cleo were about to be sucked out into the depths of space, she chose to save Cleo and said that man was no brother of hers. At the end of the episode, it was shown that the man was her real brother, as evidenced by the X-shaped scar on his back. Michel's personality is due to her past. She did not remember her mother, as she died months after Michel was born, and her father was rarely home. She learned to fight from her brother, who had become a major role model in her life. She loved fencing and wished to be like her brother(which may explain her tomboyish attitude). After her father had seen her fencing with her brother, and that she surpassed him, she was ordered to be more like a lady of a royal house. After that incident, she vowed to herself that she would become a proper lady. But after her father's death, and her brother's during the major battle in the beginning of the series, she renounces her identity and becomes her brother in order to save the People's Army from destruction. In order to do this, she chooses to truly "become" her brother, by gaining an X-shaped scar on her back like her brother had once gotten from a battle with Vetti, and also renouncing her real name, Racine Blance. All the effort to act as "Michel" was due to her love for him, which was beyond sibling love. In later episodes, she falls in love with Cleo Corbeille.

Voice: Yuko Kaida (Japanese), Laura Bailey (English)</p>